Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 9

March 9, 2013

In my program at school this is one Indian girl. Her name is Amy. We are friends. Amy grew up here in Georgia, but her parents are still very very Indian. Her mom knows a little English but mainly her family speaks Gujarati. It's quite exciting. Since Amy is so Indian she occasionally stumbles over American culture. Little sayings like "don't push my buttons" become "stop pushing my envelope" or "hippity hop" becomes "hoppity pop" and many other fun Amyisms I can't think of right now. I really should start writing them down. Well, this girl had NEVER had a taste of an apple pie before. NEVER. I just couldn't have that, so she came over, and we made one and she had an entire slice (not just a little taste). I found an awesome recipe on FoodNetwork.com, and we got to it.

 We made that pie crust and latticed it ourselves. Feel free to be impressed.

We threw it in the oven and played with Killer while we waited for it to bake. Here's the finished product. It was pretty dang good. If you don't have an apple pie recipe that you're just mad about, this one is for you. It was seriously the best apple pie I've ever had in my whole life.

 And I just had to include this ridiculous picture of myself. Just a few days ago in one of my classes our teacher gave us this little self-check questionnaire thing to fill out. It had statements like "I'm an active listener" or "I respect others' beliefs", and we had to say if we always, sometimes, or never did these things. One of the items said, "I pay attention to my facial expressions." Obviously, I don't. Don't worry, I put "never".


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