Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the benefits of a large measuring cup and a large purse

A Large Measuring Cup
A couple days ago Brad kept saying he wanted something to eat, after giving numerous suggestions that he didn't like I finally said, "How about hot chocolate?" He decided that he didn't want just a mug of hot chocolate but 4 cups of hot chocolate!
The sad thing is...he drank almost all of it.

A Large Purse
Last night after I got out of class at 6:15 we decided to go to a movie, which started at 7:15. We got to the theater at about 6:30 and bought our tickets. We didn't want to wait for 45 minutes, and we were pretty hungry. So, we drove down the street to Noodles and Company and got our dinner to go. I carefully placed it in my purse before we got back to the theater. We sat down with about 15 minutes to go before it started. So while watching previews we had pasta.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Final Countdown

Days till...

the LAST day of classes: 7

my PARENTS come: 15


Sara and Steve's CA wedding: 25

our ONE YEAR anniversary: 30

we leave PROVO: ~45

Brad starts his JOB with Hewitt: 62