Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 1

A couple years ago my sister-in-law Valeri did this cool thing where she took a photo every day of the month and then blogged about it. I decided I would do that too. So way back in March 2011 I took a picture everyday and blogged about it. Pretty much all my pictures were of Killer...shocker! Well I think it's high time I repeat that fun little blogging activity. And I'm warning you already, most of these pictures will probably be of Killer.

Here goes March 2013.

March 1, 2013
I've been in graduate school for just over 6 months now. I'm learning a ton, I'm having a blast, and I'm making really great friends. And I'm so lucky that they all just love my little pup. She can be quite annoying sometimes - always begging for attention and wanting to lick your face - but these friends of mine don't care. They think she's cute as she can be and super sweet. They've learned her quirks and her tricks and love loving on her. 
Friday after I got home from class I got a text from Carmel (pronounced Car-Mel) asking if Killer and I would like to join her and Daisy (Carmel's pitbull) on a walk at the Augusta Canal. (Side note: The Augusta Canal is beyond awesome. Brad and I love to take Killer there, we run, we walk, we play, we kayak, and it's seriously about 2 miles from our house - awesome.) So Killer and I got ourselves together, loaded in the car, and met Carmel and Daisy at the park. 
The very first time Killer and Daisy walked together, Daisy did not like having this little bittty thing running around her going wild and crazy. But now Daisy has come to accept the fact that no one can contain Killer, especially when she's outside on a walk. Daisy is super sweet and just ignores Killer running around all over the place. 
Brad and I have been trying to socialize Killer to other dogs pretty much her whole life, but she just can't seem to get it. She loves people, but really could do without ever meeting another 4-legged barking creature. She likes to play with her cousin Mimzy and the basket hound next dog, Herb. But that's about it. So I really appreciate these walks with Carmel and Daisy because it gives Killer a chance to be around another dog in an environment that she already enjoys.
So Carmel and I and our dogs went for a walk. Julie came a little later, so she ran to catch up with us and then joined us on our dog walk. On the canal trail there's this great open field right on the river just after the 2.5 mile marker. Killer knows exactly where it is, and once we start getting close she starts going crazy. So we walked the dogs to this field and then let them run around for a while to get some more energy out. Killer swam and chased rocks into the water. Daisy really wanted to join her, but common sense took over since it was freezing cold that day.
Julie laid on the table and talked about how the world looks so much different laying on your side. She eventually convinced Carmel to do the same. I laughed at them and took candid photos.
On March 1st I was very grateful for good friends who are silly and don't mind walking 5 miles while constantly being clotheslined by my dog's leash.


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