Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 10

March 10, 2013

Killer, almost daily, does this weird thing where she licks on her dog tags. She pulls her head down to her chest and licks and licks and licks on those things. I'm not really sure what she gets out it...maybe she likes the coppery taste of metal...who knows. We usually let her get in about 3 licks before we flip her collar around and put her tags on her back. 
Today she was licking, licking, licking, and she wouldn't stop when I told her to, so I got up and flipped her collar around.
After this happens she usually goes on her merry way and finds something else to do - chase squirrels, annoy us with her ball, just normal dog stuff. Not today. She just sat in a corner and cried. For a ridiculously long time. We tried to entice her with other fun things, but she just wouldn't have it. I guess she just needed some time to pout. Weird dog.


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