Monday, March 11, 2013

March 7

March 7, 2013

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have two classes. One from 1-2:30pm and the other from 5-8pm. So I always run home and let Killer out, eat a snack, make dinner, and then head back to school. It was beautiful outside today so rather than make Killer look longingly at the squirrels in our backyard through the curtains, I opened the door for her and let her run wild. She loves to just sit in the doorway with the door open and watch the happenings-on outside. 

Later that night after my second test of the day, one of the girls in my class went through her locker and was giving away snacks and treats she had had in there since last semester. She had two ring pops left, and Amy and I quickly snagged them. They certainly made class after a test at 6pm more bearable.




  1. Jolie does the same thing. I'll keep the door open and she'll just sit on the mat and watch what's going on. Love the bling!

  2. Love the ring pop bling...and that is no ordinary ring pop bling...since they had been in the locker since last sememster they were, aged to perfection, vintage ring pop bling...

    You are so awesome to make dinner when you come home. Your organization is impressive...I like to start dinner way late and make everyone hate me.