Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 3

March 3, 2013

Before we left for church on Sunday, Brad took the few extra minutes we had before we had to walk out the door to play with our cute pup. She loves any attention she can get from anyone she meets, but there's just something special about attention from her daddy. She loves him more than anything and always has. Even when she was a tiny puppy she preferred to be with him over me. I would always complain that I feed her, I give her water, I take her outside to potty, I keep her clean, I give her people food, etc., etc. But she doesn't care. She just loves Brad best. She loves me too, but he's definitely her favorite - probably because he's more fun to play with :)

I love this next picture, even though I totally missed getting both Brad and Killer in the frame. This is the perfect example of how they always play. Killer learned quickly a long time ago that if she isn't on her game and paying attention that Brad will swipe her front legs out from under her during their little games. So now when they're playing she tucks her front legs under her so he can't get them. And look at that tail wagging. She's in heaven.

Just look at her with all four of her legs tucked under. Even though she's kissing him she's always aware that he could swipe those legs at any time. 
Even though I hate that we have church at 1pm, it does give us more time to do things during the morning. Usually we just get up and do homework or go to meetings. But we always make time to play with Killer. The sun was shining perfectly through the windows this morning, my two favorites were playing together, and I was capturing their sheer joy through a lens so that we will never forget this time together. I am always awestruck by the simple things in life that make us so happy. This Sunday morning was definitely one of those times.


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  1. I know that Killer was a tiny bit out of frame in that one pic but these pictures are gorgeous. I love that last one of Killer. You are a great photographer, my dear.

    I love the color scheme of your bedroom, too.

    So funny...she is so smart to tuck her legs like that. My kids prefer Mike to me (well, except John~he's a total Mama's boy) but I always wonder why I do the lion's share of the nurturing but they prefer him. I guess it's like you said...Mike is more fun to play with.