Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy (late) Birthday Brad!!

Brad's 25th birthday was 3 days ago! We had a ton of fun (minus tests and papers that had to be completed on that day, but what can you do). 

Brad was awaken to a wonderful breakfast in bed
(orange juice, banana, French toast, eggs, and a bran muffin)

Later that night, Brittney, Blake, Sara, Steve, and Emily came over for dinner (chili and cornbread). We played A LOT of Mario Kart and ate A LOT of food. Here's the birthday boy cutting his Funfetti cake:

He got some pretty awesome presents. This is loot from Blake:

And the hug from Steve:

And the e-somethings (a delicious Spanish dessert) from Brittney:

And a shoe horn from me:

Thanks to everyone who made Brad's birthday so fun for him! It wouldn't have been the same without you!!

I'm so grateful for Brad. He treats me like a queen even when I probably don't deserve it. He is patient, loving, and kind and supports me in whatever ridiculous dream I want to pursue. Tuesday night I was super stressed out for a midterm I had to take on Wednesday. Instead of going to his soccer game I stayed home and studied. He came back with 7-11 slurpees.
If it was me I would have been thinking about what wonderful things he had planned for my birthday the next day, but he selflessly thought about me and how worried I was about my test. I love you wonderful husband of mine! Happy (late) Birthday!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanks Blake!

Blake and Curt went to visit Jenna this past weekend in Hong Kong (that's Brad's extended family for those who don't know). Since Malinka is a flight attendant they can go pretty much anywhere for FREE! Lucky, I know! Most of you know I'm not a big chocolate fan, but I do like Twix, and Blake always kindly surprises me with a Twix (or another of my favorite candies - Sour Patch Kids/Watermelon) at work when he comes to visit me. While he was enjoying his free flying and touring China, he thought about me!


Yes, that's a Chinese Twix! Here's some proof:


Sunday, February 7, 2010

the search is over

For probably about the last year or so I've been on the hunt for a pair of green tennis shoes. Once I found a pair at Journey's that I absolutely loved, only to discover they were being discontinued (i.e. no longer being made) and no store in the entire state had any left in my size. Every time Brad and I pass a shoe store, no matter where we are, I always have to go in and look for green shoes. I had all but lost hope when my dear friend Sara texted me this morning with the following picture:

I rushed to the store to find only one pair left in my size! I quickly snatched them up and came home the proud owner of a new pair of green tennis shoes. The search is now over! I will probably have these on my feet almost everyday until I completely wear them out.

For any of you also on the hunt for green tennis shoes I got these lovelies at Old Navy for 20 bucks, yes $20 for an awesome pair of shoes. They also have other colors as well. You should definitely check them out!