Friday, March 8, 2013

March 6

March 6, 2013

Tonight I had to study, like big time. I've been a bad student and an excellent procrastinator. So when Wednesday night came around, and I still had yet to study like I really needed to for my two midterms the next day, I went into crazy student mode.
Killer was very encouraging and thought her ball would help me learn anatomy quicker.
And my sweet and loving Brad was simply the best. I seriously love this man! Lucky him, he doesn't have any tests this week. I can't concentrate with any other noises going on around me. Brad wanted to watch netflix, but he also wanted to spend time with me even though I was being boring sitting on the couch studying. So the earbuds went in and there we sat, me studying and him watching netflix. We're so romantic.
This is our life, and I love it.



  1. Poor Killer. She's like "PLAY WITH ME!" Hahaha!!!

  2. Oh, my, yes...the two of you are wildly romantic!

    Actually, I think that is so sweet that Brad just wanted to be with you :)