Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 26: Hello Bandwagon

The cool thing to do these days is to get yourself some fringe bangs.

These lovely ladies are gorgeous regardless of their hairstyles, but I thought maybe if I had bangs I could be gorgeous too. Okay, so that isn't the only reason I did it. I hated the awful swoop bangs that I got last time I cut my hair, so I told the hair girl to just cut them all the same length so I could grow them out. What a fabulous job she did. I thought I would hate the new bangs because I hated the old bangs. But you gotta do what you gotta do. I really needed to grow the bangs out, so my hair could get back to normal eventually. Well, it turns out that I love the new bangs. Wanna see?!

What do you think?? I also finally grew out my hair long enough to cut off ALL the ugly blond tips from when I dyed my hair years ago. Apparently it makes my hair look way darker. Brad is still skeptical when I to get tell him that I didn't darken it in any way. That should tell you how long ago I dyed my hair and how long it's taken me to get rid of it.

We went bowling later that night with Thomas, Elizabeth, and a few of their friends. Pretty much I'm posting these just to show off more pictures of my new hair cut.

Love, Courtney


  1. Love the bangs!! Sadly, I cannot have those kind of bangs, because in middle school I grew out my bangs and it took so long and was so terrible that I vowed to never have bangs again!

  2. You can for sure pull the bangs off! I love it. My husband tries to get me to do the bang thing, but all I can manage is the side bangs... I LOVE them on you!!!