Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 14: Happy Birthday Bethany!

Bethany is my coteacher. When I first heard this term it was kind of a foreign concept. I had never heard of two teachers teaching one class, but I thought it was a great idea. Turns out having a coteacher (especially one like Bethany) has been my saving grace. There is no way that I could have a class of 10 one-year-olds on my own. I was a fool for ever thinking the opposite. I wouldn't enjoy my job and the children I interact with each day if it weren't for Bethany.

Bethany is the kindest most genuine person I have EVER met. Ever. She has a great head on her shoulders, and she knows exactly what's important in life. I have learned so many things from Bethany, and I have grown to love her and consider her a dear friend. Here are some wonderful and important things I have learned in the past seven months:
* say thank you for everything, even something as simple as someone remembering you were going out of town last weekend
* love everyone, even if you sometimes dislike them
* when you dislike the people you love, respect them, even if you don't want to
* you can be funny without being sarcastic
* laugh over the silly meaningless mistakes you make
* life is about being surrounded by people who love and care for you unconditionally
* be grateful for your job, even if it sometimes literally drives you crazy
* there are people in the world that are much worse off than you
* you don't have to have all the money in the world to be rich
* you don't have to expensive designer furniture and original thousand dollar paintings to make your house feel like a home
* you don't have to give people gifts to show them you care about them - make them dinner instead
* don't gossip
* always tell the truth, even if it makes more sense to lie
* value the simple pleasures of life
* let your heart melt over the sweet things small children say
* and so so much more

Bethany is filled with charity and is the best Christian I have ever met. The Lord above would be sure to bless me greatly if I were ever to convert her to the Church. She and her roommate Andy are the only two people I have ever met in my whole life that ask me questions about my religion and are truly and deeply interested. This has been such a blessing for me as I have the missionary opportunities that I have never had before. 

I also love Bethany and Andy because they have things like this in their house:
A naked baby on a record player.

Happy Birthday Bethany!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

And just for kicks and giggles, here's Bethany and mine class picture taken in the fall.
Click on the picture for an enlargement.
This is what happens when you take a group of one-year-olds out the playground and make them sit, be still, and take them out of their routine instead of letting them play.

Love, Courtney

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