Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 11: Chasing Geese and Eating Tamales

Today we took Killer on a walk around the duck pond at a park close to our house. At first she was very apprehensive of the geese, but upon closer inspection she decided she wanted to play with them. The only problem was that they didn't want to play with her.
She chased the poor things all over that park. Finally one of the bigger ones got really frustrated with her and started chasing after her and hissing. 

Driving back home we saw a sign for fresh hot tamales. We just had to stop and get some, since tamales are so delicious but also so tedious to make. They're definitely one of those things you pay extra for just for someone else to make for you. Since it was a gorgeous day we decided to go to the river and have a little picnic and eat our yummy tamales. 

Killer was really good and didn't beg at all. She just watched us eat from across the table. In the end she got a few bites, because, really, how could you resist this face?

Love, Brad & Courtney

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