Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 24: Long Day

This morning I left my house at 8am and didn't return until 9:21pm. 
I went to work, then to school, and then back to work for a class meeting. It would have been fantastic if home was near work and work was near school, but everything is on the opposite side of town from each other. I drove 72.5 miles in one day.
I'm sure some of you are probably thinking that's really not all that bad, but now consider that it took be 2 hours and 53 minutes to drive those 72.5 miles. That's right, I worked for 8 hours, went to class for an hour and a half, and sat in traffic for 3 hours. What got me through today was thinking that in 2 short weeks on this same day I won't be sitting in traffic, I won't be working, and I won't be in class, I'll be in ST. LUCIA!!

Love, Courtney

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