Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 19: Roller Derby and Doughnuts

Brad, for his birthday, received Roller Derby tickets. Since they only have bouts once a month and the one in February had come and gone, I bought tickets to the one in March. The day finally came, and after educating ourselves on the extremely complex rules of the game, we made the trek down to Atlanta to see the Atlanta Roller Girls - Fantastic Feats of Female Athleticism. We watched the undefeated Toxic Shocks take on the Apocalypstix. We didn't know the Toxic Shocks were undefeated when we entered the arena and decided we needed to pick a team to root for. Based on the color of their uniforms and their AWESOME cheerleaders, we choose to back the Apocalypstix.

Sorry the pictures aren't that great. The lighting was terrible for any picture-taking hopefuls like us. The game was back and forth the entire time. Finally with only one jam left the Apocalypstix put in their best jammer, The Ruffian, who had scored the majority of their already existing points. After getting beat up a little she made her way through the pack and became the lead jammer. She scored a couple more points just for good measure, called off the jam, and ended the bout. The Apocalypstix beat the aforementioned unbeatable Toxic Shocks!! It was seriously amazing, and my writing about it doesn't give it justice. If you have never been to a roller derby bout before, GO! It will be jaw dropping. After only an hour of roller derby I wanted to be a roller girl! Maybe one day... For a quick run down of the rules, go HERE.

While driving home we passed the only Krispy Kreme in town. Shocking, right? That Atlanta only has one Krispy Kreme. Provo even had one, for heaven's sake. Anyways, we never get doughnuts because we don't want to drive 20 minutes to downtown just for a treat that doesn't even fill you up and leaves you wanting more. It's probably better we don't live closer to doughnut haven, because we would seriously always be eating doughnuts. Well we stopped after I begged Brad, who seemed convinced he didn't want any. Turns out he really did want some because we ended up getting a whole dozen. But in his defense, who has honestly ever gone to Krispy Kreme without buying at least one dozen?! It makes way more financial sense. It costs one dollar for one doughnut but seven dollars for twelve. We couldn't even wait until we got home to enjoy the hot-melt-in-your-mouth goodness, so we found a seat and ate some right away.

Love, Brad & Courtney

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