Friday, January 13, 2012

Good-bye 2011.

2011 was filled with so many wonderful memories. It's amazing to look back at pictures from last January and realize that those were taken a whole year ago. It certainly doesn't feel like that long ago. Last year I put together a post full of pictures from some of our 2010 adventures. (I did this for 2009 too!) It was a great chance for me to look through all the pictures we had taken over the year and to remember all the fun things we did. I decided to do the same thing this year for the same reasons. I surprised myself when I came to find that I had actually blogged about most of the big events [well, what we considered big events] of 2011. I included a hyperlink with almost all these pictures. If you feel so inclined you can go back and read more about our awesome life.

Atlanta gets a huge snow storm that shuts down the city for a whole week, which meant no grocery shopping, which meant we spent over $300 when we could finally go since we hadn't been for about 2 weeks before the storm hit.

We go camping (without tents) for Brad's 26th birthday.

I get bangs.

We chill in the hammock on a beautiful spring day.

I get a weird skin rash.

We wait in line for hours to be in the first group to enter the REI sale.

We see Tangled in 3D.

Killer develops an undying love for the river even if that means sometimes stumbling across raging racoons.

We are called to be temple workers in the Atlanta temple.

Bethany, Andy, and I go to a preschool party.

Killer learns to drive.

Killer eats both a 20 dollar bill and a nature's valley granola bar.

We go on a cruise!

Killer celebrates her first birthday.

We celebrate two wonderful years of marriage by taking a camping trip to Fort Mountain State Park here in good ole Georgia. We spend the entire night playing with Brad's new camera and flashlights.

We take Killer to Woofstock - a big dog party in the park. And we get tons of free doggie stuff.

Killer decides the most desirable napping spot is in a laundry basket full of clean clothes.

I quit my job at the preschool.

Brad takes me on a surprise trip to Utah to see my sister, Blake, Devin, Sara, and Steve.

While on an afternoon run we suddenly get hit by a huge thunderstorm. We run even faster to seek shelter under a bridge until the storm settles a little. We seriously thought trees were going to start falling over on us.

Killer meets the beach for the first time and LOVES it!

After some inital hesitation, Killer quickly becomes obsessed with bubbles. She now knows where we keep them, and whenever she wants to play she'll go to that spot and bark nonstop until we get them out.

Killer helps Brad change the belts in the car.

We attend the roller derby championships.

We go to Six Flags with friends.

While visiting my grandparents in North Carolina we find this ginormous spider in a cave, and Brad falls in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We pick our own apples at an orchard.

I turn 23, and we visit a 9-11 memorial site.

We go to Lake Powell!

We dress up as Toad, Princess Peach, and Yoshi for Halloween and win 1st place in the trunk decorating competition at Trunk-or-Treat.

Brad takes this awesome water reflection picture at the pond by our house.

On a walk by the river one day Brad finds this super neat tree that beautifully displays all the lovely fall colors.

Killer continues to be the cutest dog we've ever seen.

Brad goes to a no-rules pine wood derby competition and wins "most creative car".

I grind a huge chunk of my finger off with a cheese grater. It bleeds for several hours and through several band-aids. I'll probably have the scar for the rest of my life.

We go see Christmas lights in the city square.

Brad surprised me with a beautiful purple orchard on a day when I'm especially stressed out about studying for the GRE. (Which I rocked, by the way.)

We visit the baby grand canyon (aka Providence Canyon in south Georgia) with Brad's mom Susie.

And last, but certainly not least, Brad gets into dental school!

We can only hope and pray that 2012 will be just as wonderful. We have lots of changes ahead of us - the biggest ones include moving to a new city and starting a new school - and we hope we will continue to be blessed as head down this new path.

Brad & Courtney

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  1. great job, guys; love reading about how you guys are doing, wishing I could see you more often, but I guess that's the great thing about technology, right? Glad to hear you guys are doing so well, and best of luck in 2012!