Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple Orchard

A couple weeks ago (so maybe like a month ago), we went with some friends to a local (as in an hour and a half away) apple orchard. I got this great deal on Groupon, and our admission was more than half off. The orchard advertised an apple cannon, which Brad was more than a little excited about due to his previous experiences with an apple slingshot.
The apple cannon was a bit of a disappointment. Okay, a lot bit of a disappointment. We waited in line for probably about an hour only to shoot 15 mangled apples. The boys working this over advertised attraction weren't too careful when they were stuffing the apples into the cannon. Several times they mashed the apple as they were shoving them as far as humanly possible into the cannon head with their huge metal poles. So when you pushed the button to shoot said apples, a ginormous mess of crushed chunks flew out instead of a nice whole fruit. Oh well. Such is life.

Next we made our way to the petting zoo/farm, where we saw the cutest thing since baby Killer.
A four day old baby goat. Which we got to hold.
 After the boys had finally gotten tired of Kacee and me awing at the cuteness of the kid, we left to go pick us some apples.

We also visited the orchard's old country store and had about a gizzlion "take one free samples" of fresh apple cider and apple slices straight from the trees. I decided I wanted an apple tree in my future backyard.

Love, Brad & Courtney

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