Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Utah Trip

As I mentioned in my last long over due post, we went to Utah for Memorial Day weekend. It was freezing cold and raining the whole time we were there but we still had a ton of fun! We hung out with Curt, Malinka, Blake, Devin, Sara, Steve, and Brittney (who had absolutely no idea we were coming - surprise!).

Brad and Devin were even able to go on a hike!

 Once they got pretty high up on the mountain, they ran into a cloud. Pretty cool, huh?

 On Monday, Brittney, Blake, Sara, Steve, Brad, and I went to see the movie Source Code. While we were waiting for the movie to start, Brad and Steve found neat motion movie seats that moved and shaked along with the movie.

We also went shopping.

Tuesday before we left to go back to Atlanta and while Sara and Steve were at work, we walked to the temple, which isn't even a mile from their house.

While in Utah we were able to partake the following wonderful goodness:
- Cafe Rio
- In N Out
- Rock Creek Pizza
- 7 Eleven slurpies

It was delicious!

Thanks to Sara and Steve for having us and showing us a good time!

Love, Brad & Courtney

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  1. that was so fun! the whole time you were here i never saw your bangs and you decide to do them the day you leave and i DONT see you??? maybe one day ill see them in person ;)