Friday, January 18, 2013

2012: A Year in Review

I can't believe I've let my blog slip right between my fingers for so long. It's kind of amazing how busy life can get before you even realize it. School started and between group projects, volunteer opportunities, and tests I forgot about my little online documentation of our life. So here's a quick look back at our crazy 2012. We had tons of life changes, and it was more than a little exciting.

We adopted Squiggles.

Brad had a scooter accident and scoffed up his hand. Don't worry, he was wearing a helmet.

I interviewed for a graduate position in Georgia Health Sciences University's Occupational Therapy department.

We visited Augusta, GA during my grad school interview and took a trip down the Savannah River. Killer convinced us that she could totally get used to this new place.

Brad celebrated his 27th birthday!

We explored the Chattahoochee.

Killer and I went for a run in the rain. She was not happy.

Killer was uber cute exploring a field of daffodils right outside our apartment.

 In March, Atlanta had the highest pollen count in history. As soon as we stepped outside we were covered in it. We learned that we fortunately did not have seasonal allergies.

 Thanks to all the pollen, Brad was able to take lots of pretty pictures of flowers around our apartment complex.

Killer enjoyed all the lovely flora also.

Killer swam.

Killer ran.

 We visited Callaway Gardens with Brad's family. (stay tuned for a post all about this)

I somehow contracted herpes in my eye.

Brad began collecting teeth for dental school.

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! And called it celebrating our 3rd anniversary.

Killer played in the sand at the lake by our new house.

Killer thought the flash was just too bright to keep her eyes open.

She got ice cream for her 2nd birthday, and boy did she love it. She still gets excited when we open the freezer.

Killer did a little sunbathing in our new backyard.

 Brittney and I went to Disneyland in June for a week. (stay tuned for a post all about this)

 Killer and I enjoyed our new house by watching Brad do yard work.

Killer lived the life and hung out in my parents' backyard pretty much all day.

Brad and I got new phones!

We almost melted during the summer.

Brad and I played stick pull at Pioneer Day, which is a celebration of the Mormon pioneers' trek across the country from the midwest to the Salt Lake valley.

We saw the first of many opossums to visit our backyard.

Brad built a headboard out of old French doors. No big deal.

 Brad ripped up our old ugly kitchen linoleum and put down wonderful tile. Again, no big deal.

We visited my grandparents in North Carolina. They live right on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's always gorgeous there but especially so during the summer months.

We started school!

We went on an ice cream date to Cold Stone to celebrate the start of the next few years of schooling.

We celebrated my 24th birthday.

Killer yelled at golf balls.

One night while I was studying she turned into an Eskimo.

 We went kayaking down the Augusta Canal. A lot.

 We carved pumpkins and decorated for Halloween. (stay tuned for a post all about this)

 Brad and I went to the fair here in Augusta. We rode the Ferris wheel, feed cows, and ate cotton candy. Plus we got a super great discount for being students. It was!

My friend Jordan and I dressed up as Nerds for Halloween. OT school is so great!

Brad found this scary thing attached to the side of our house. Ewww.

Brad and I went to Trunk-or-Treat. The kids loved our car. (stay tuned for a post all about this)

 Brad and I went to Pensacola for Thanksgiving to visit his grandparents. We went to the beach and went alligator hunting down an awesome wooded swamp path.

We saw a red 2-seater convertible transporting 2 dummies right outside my building at school. The things you see when you go to a medical school...

We got our very first real live Christmas tree!! I made the tree skirt, and we decorated it to perfection.

Thanks to a friend from school, we were the highlight of the ugly sweater parties we went to during the Christmas season.

We put peanut butter on my check to ensure the perfect Christmas picture. I'll let you decide for yourself which one needed the peanut butter...

We transformed our master bedroom.

Killer met Phillip's dog Tuco. All he wanted to do was play with her. She was not having that.

 We visited my grandparents and hiked to Linville Falls.

 We spent our last night of the year shelling pecans. A tradition in Brad's family. He quickly schooled my family on how it's done. Unfortunately I could only shell about 20 until my skin started itching like crazy, but it was fun while it lasted.

We hope your year was as great as ours! We are excited to see what 2013 has in store for us!

Brad & Courtney


  1. Great, great, great post!

    The peanut butter on the cheek was a BRILLIANT idea. Brad took to it immediately...heh, heh, heh...just really was a great idea...

    I totally STOLE (right clicked) the pic of you and Brad doing the stick pull because my Brian is in it. That was such a great activity. YOU DID A GREAT JOB! I just want your public to know that you made that bad boy a HUGE success.

    Love the holey (not holy, har har) was that accomplished? I'll ask you Sunday...

    The headboard looks fantastic. I also love the pic of killer in the daffodils.

    Um...yah...I did not take the Christmas sweatshirt pic, obvi ;)

  2. Love your update! I was anxiously awaiting something to show up on this blog :)

    We miss you guys a lot!!! Your bedroom looks gorgeous...nice work! As does the tile!

    Wish we still lived around the corner so we could hang out, but trust glad you are no longer in Utah :)

    We need to do some catching up soon!