Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Year Down, Eternity To Go

Almost one month after the fact, I'm finally blogging about our one year anniversary. For this special day we were in San Diego at the end of our California road trip. We visited the San Diego temple and participated in a couple sealings to help us remember the sacred promises we made to each other a year earlier.
Later that afternoon, we decided to take a trip down to Mexico to get some authentic Mexican tacos that Brad has been craving for 4 years! We were only there for a couple hours, which was plenty long enough for me. I finally know what Brad felt like before he learned Spanish. I was completely lost and had no idea what was going on. Thank goodness for a husband who is still fluent!
We also celebrated our anniversary once we got to Las Vegas. We went out to dinner at the RainForest Cafe in the MGM Grand. That was probably the coolest place we have ever eaten dinner. It really looked like a rain forest, complete with animals.

I cannot even describe how grateful I am to have such a wonderful husband who loves me so dearly. Brad is my everything. When we got married I gave him a list of 100 things that I loved about him; since then I've added probably 1000 more. I really never thought I could love him anymore, but everyday I find that I'm falling for him all over again. I really lucked out with this one! This past year has gone faster than I could have ever imagined that it would, but I can't wait to spend the rest of forever with the one person who loves me more than life itself.

love, Brad & Courtney

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  1. Congrats you guys! The first anniversary is the best!