Sunday, March 21, 2010

A New Charger

A couple weeks ago our computer decided it didn't want to charge anymore. Luckily I have a husband who knows a little something about computers. Brad cut open the part of the charger that hooks into the computer only to find the wires were completely frayed. He simply twisted them back together and miraculously the computer immediately began to charge again.

The only problem with this ingenious solution was that whenever we moved the computer at all (or even bumped the table) it quit charging. Isn't the point of a laptop to be able to take it anywhere and sit it on your lap? I particularly like to cuddle up on the couch under a blanket to do my homework, but, alas, I could no longer do that. Instead I had to suffer through doing my homework at the table (isn't homework already bad enough??)

Well, finally, I convinced Brad that it was time to retire the poor thing (the charger, not the computer). His handy work bought us about a month, but we had to get a new charger. We were really worried about the price of the stupid thing, but Brad, being the deal-finder he is, found one on Amazon for 9 bucks (granted we had to pay $5 for shipping, but $14 isn't too shabby)! Our new charger just arrived in the mail a few days ago, and I am finally able to once again cuddle up on the couch under a blanket to do my homework (and write blog posts)!

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