Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beating the System

Last June I signed up for an independent study class - SFL 160 (a prerequisite to all the other classes I have to take for my major). Thinking I'd have plenty of time to get it done eventually since they give you a year to finish them, I kept putting it off. Well, come March 1 I realized that in order to graduate (because I HAVE to take this class to graduate) I had to have the class completed 3 weeks before graduation. So basically I had one month to do a semester's worth of work. Instead of buckling down and doing it, like a good student should, I decided I would try everything in my power to get out of it.

Well, after an infinite amounts of emails pleading my case to different authorities I finally got out of it!! I beat the system!The professor who signs substitutions waivers is actually teaching a class I'm enrolled in this semester. I basically told him that I obviously didn't need this pre-req to do well in his 300-level class since I had aced both of his tests. He thought I presented a good argument, I guess, because he let me substitute a finance class (which is COMPLETELY unrelated) for the 160 class!

Sorry the picture is sideways, it's the only way I could fit it all on here. Basically it's just highlighting my victory.

Woo-Who!! Now I can graduate (which is in 28 days, by the way)!!

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