Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Chloe and Ryan!

Chloe is the spunkiest kid I know, and today she is 4 years old! 


I absolutely love her to death! In just a few days (7 1/2 to be exact) Brad and I will be flying out to Colorado for Thanksgiving. I can't even imagine the fun things we'll be getting into with Chloe around. Last Thanksgiving we watched Mary Poppins at least 3 times in the four days we were there, we baked in her kitchen in her room, we went to the playground, and we read stories. With another year of experience behind her I bet we'll be baking cordon blu instead of chocolate chip cookies this go around.

Chloe is the best big sister also. In October, we all went to Salt Lake for a wedding. While there, Chloe wanted to go run around on the temple grounds while Valeri took some pictures. I told her it was fine just not to go too far. Before she left she looked me right in the eye and said, "Watch my little brother while I'm gone!". I held back a laugh and said ok. It was so cute that she wouldn't go play until she knew Ryan was taken care of.

Happy Birthday to our favorite niece!!

(Brad with Chloe after he got off his mission)

(Chloe and I at our wedding in May)

Ryan, Chloe's baby brother, turned one last Monday! I remember last year going to visit when he was only a few weeks old, and now he's already one! As I get older I am continually amazed at how fast each year really goes. When I was younger I remember thinking how long it took it get to my next birthday (that's how I choose to measure a year), and now birthdays come and go so quickly I can hardly keep track. That's how I feel with little Ryan, and I'm sure his mother would agree. 

Ryan is the sweetest tempered baby I have ever seen. He is constantly happy and pretty much up for anything. Even when he cries it's just so sweet. I can only hope I have a baby like him.

Happy Birthday one and all!

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  1. Well you're ahead of me on birthday posts! Wow Courtney, thank you! That was so incredibly thoughtful! Chloe and Ryan are lucky to have Aunt Courtney, that's for sure. Really, these posts and all the other little things you do for us mean more to me than you know.

    There's sure to be some bakin' in Chloe's kitchen this Thanksgiving. :) Can't wait!