Friday, June 26, 2009

some honeymoon pics

Here are just a few pictures from our wonderful Western Caribbean cruise!

lifeboat drill

they gave all the girls a carnation at dinner because our first day on the ship was Mother's Day


Grand Caymans

our transportation in Isla Roatan, Honduras

Honduras was, by far, our favorite destination, especially since we found our own private beach

and we got to play with monkeys and baby squirrels

our next stop was Belieze, where Brad got to try a cashew fruit

this one's for Brittney (I used my Christmas present!)

one of our "fun days at sea"

Key West, FL

Brad holding the head of a baby monkey towel animal


  1. gotta love those cabin stewards! I'd like to take a class on how to make little guys like this, ha ha...Ours used full sized bath towels, they were great!

  2. I love the sunset shot. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing - I've been eagerly awaiting the honeymoon pictures!!

  3. Yeah - now I have another blog to stalk! Loved your pictures - looks like you had a great time!