Friday, June 26, 2009

We Broke Down

We finally broke down and decided to make our very own blog. Hopefully we'll be able to keep everyone updated on all our Andersen happenings. Our inspiration for staying up-to-date will be Valeri, who is definitely a blogging queen. We wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if she didn't update her blog at least every three days. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Courtney,
    I just wanted to be the first to leave a comment on your blog (even faster than Valeri).

  2. Well isn't Neil the big shot! You guys should feel truly priviledged! He hasn't EVER left a comment on my blog! When I told him you'd started one, he ran into the room and asked if I'd left a comment yet. When I told him I hadn't, he immediately scooted me off the chair so he could beat me to it. The stinker.

    Love it, by the way! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I'm so excited! Keep it up. You'll be glad you did.