Monday, June 29, 2009

home sweet home

For those of you who have not seen our quaint little basement I figured I would post some pictures just for you!

Dinner the first night in our new house. At this point we didn't even have a bed, much less a table or chairs.

We got this couch on the side of the road right by our house. Someone had plopped it out there with a huge "FREE" sign on it, so we jumped at the chance. It's hideous, I know. People who stop by try to comfort us by telling us how cute it is, but really...look at the's not cute.

This table, along with the majority of the other furniture, came from yard sales. It came red like this, but needed a little work, so Brad sanded and repainted it.

Our kitchen

Our closet; think we have enough clothes?

Our bed; my best friend and maid of honor at the wedding, Sara, and her mom maid the quilt at the end of the bed and we love it!


  1. What a cozy little place! Hope you don't have noisy neighbors like we did in our first basement apartment!

  2. It looks pretty nice to me! Your couch actually reminds me of the first "real" couch Don and I had and we actually paid good money for it!