Monday, May 20, 2013

March 22

March 22, 2013

Friday finally came, and we thankfully only had a half day. The OT Lindsey and I were shadowing went out of town Thursday night, so we hung out with the lady who was over all the rehab in the hospital. We learned a ton! Then we went home!
I was so excited to see Killer! And she was so excited I was home! I think she was expecting Brad to walk through the door, because when she saw me she just went crazy. I couldn't get her to stop licking me for probably about 20 minutes. She was crying and whining and licking, clearly excited I was home. It always makes you feel good to know you're loved. And the Killer pup definitely loves me. 
Brad got home a little while later, and he and Killer were both nice enough to take a nap with me. I was beyond exhausted. I slept until dinner, came home and slept until 10 the next morning.

Brad and I decided that me being home called for celebration. Instead of eating what I had planned on the meal calendar we went out to our favorite Mexican place down the street. We love it there. It's so good and so cheap. And, according to Brad, pretty authentic. 
It was so good to be home! I missed my little family tons. I really don't know how I'll survive for 3 months next year when I'm in Louisiana.


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  1. Courtney. What happened to your blog? We miss hearing about you guys!