Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cruise: Day 4

Day 4
St. Lucia

The last cruise we went on we decided that it would be fun for both of us to pick a day where we planned the activities and not let the other know. It so exciting and surprising that we decided to do it again. Day 4 in St. Lucia was Brad's day. The boy did his research! He had figured out all the different bus routes and how to get from one side of the island to another. He made a list of all the different things we could do while we were there, and once we got off the ship we decided what exactly it would be. The first bus we ran into would take us within a mile of the Sandals Resort, so we hopped on it. (Going to Sandals was on Brad's list.) We got off the bus at the last stop and had to walk the rest of the way. When we were about half way there we got stopped by some guy with his trunk open. He was selling marijuana - any kind of marijuana you could think of (before this day I didn't even know there were different kinds). We politely refused and had to walk away while he was still haggling us. We finally got to the beach and just relaxed!
The beautiful island of St. Lucia.

The beach we hung out at.

This is by far one of Brad's favorite poses. He pulls it off pretty well, huh?

 Aren't the sailboats in the background wonderful!?

St. Lucia had the murkiest water of any island we visited. I'm sure it had something to do with the weather or the day we were there or the tide or something. The water off the beach was really shallow, and with the murkiness you couldn't really see anything. So I opted to let Brad go snorkeling by himself while I relaxed on the beach where I could actually see my surroundings. He saw some pretty neat marine life during his snorkeling adventure.
 What if I hadn't seen these sea urchins and accidentally stepped on them? Ouch! I'm glad Brad's braver than me and at least got some cool pictures.

 See the GINORMOUS puffer fish? It's in the bottom left-hand corner.

Everyday we brought our hammock with us just hoping we'd find a good spot to hang it up. St. Lucia was the day we found such a spot. It was so great to lay in the hammock right on the beach and have the ocean breeze hitting your face.

While we were swinging in the hammock we saw these two horses run by heading straight for the water. They never got in, but they had a grand old time rolling around and playing in the sand. It was so interesting to watch. Finally their owner came and corralled them back to the riding trail.

Here's a picture of the pool at Sandals.

And here's a picture of how I combated my awful sunburn.

We eventually had to leave our little sanctuary and head back to the port. We walked the mile back to the bus stop and decided we had a little more time than we thought, so we rode to a little market that was set up near the ship. (P.S. It cost about $3 for us BOTH to ride on the bus one way.) It was so fun to walk around and see all the things people were selling - hats, baskets, clothes, food, beautiful woodworkings. We made our way back to the ship just before it set sail for St. Kitts, and we watched St. Lucia disappear in the sunset.

Love, Brad & Courtney

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