Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 29: Another Long Day

I thought Thursday was long, but Tuesday was the longest day in history.
5am: wake up
6am: leave the house
630am: arrive at work
7am: leave work
9am: arrive in Greenville, SC
1pm: leave Greenville, SC
330pm: arrive back home
430pm: leave home
520pm: arrive at school
945pm: leave school
1015pm: arrive back home
11pm: bed

Total mileage: over 330 miles

Ridiculous. I had a work meeting in Greenville, SC, and since I had to leave early to get class I had to drive myself. Which meant I spent hours on end in the car. This is what my passenger seat looked like:
Vanilla wafers, Cadbury eggs, iPod, sunglasses, and GPS. Lifesavers.

Love, Courtney

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