Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 28: Happy Birthday Sara!

Sorry for the extra long delay in finishing up this blog every day for a month challenge. Turns out I've used up all the free space allotted by Blogger. No worries though. 20 extra gigs is only $5 a year, so we're back on track and ready to keep on blogging.

Monday was my BFF's (sorry Brad, I know you hate that term) birthday. She's in Utah, and I'm in Atlanta. And birthdays are a big deal. And I miss her terribly. Sara has always made me feel special, especially on my birthday, and I'm super lame and didn't even get her present in the mail until her birthday (which means she didn't get on her actual birthday). But who doesn't love it when they keep getting presents even a week after their birthday has come and past.

Her wonderful husband Steve took her snowboarding, and here are some pictures from their awesome trip. I so desperately wish we had been there. Skiing, not snowboarding.

I love you Sara! I know your birthday was everything you wished for!

Love, Courtney

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