Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. I don't know what exactly it is that I love so much, but boy do I love it. Maybe it's the fact that for just one day the whole country is united in a celebration for children. Regardless of parties or whatever else people do, I think most everyone will admit that Halloween is solely about little munchins dressing up as whatever they want and going around to neighborhood houses seeking candy. How great is that!? And people go all out for this fabulous holiday. Seriously, some people are fanatics. I secretly hope to one day become one of those people. My goal is to buy more and more stuff on sale each year after Halloween, so maybe just maybe one day in the far off future I can be a Halloween decorating fiend. I also have a ginormously humongous and all around really big sweet tooth. I always have candy around. We even have a special drawer in our kitchen reserved solely for candy. Pathetic, yes. Fabulous, you know it! Don't be too jealous. Anyways, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween.

Unfortunately, this year Brad and I just simply didn't have the time to be creative with our costumes. :-( (But our 2011 costumes are already in the making and will be mind-blowing.) So, we borrowed from family and friends, pulled apparel out of our closet, make a few small purchases, and came up with this: 

In a word, fantastic. Except for several people giving me the evil eye and saying, "Well, I guess it is Halloween." First, I would like to say to those select individuals: Really? Is Tennessee really worth that response this year? It's not like we're really any competition. Second, I guess I must be a true fan. Third, YES, I know Tennessee lost on Saturday and has only won 2 games this season. Do you really think I can be dressed like this and NOT know that?! And fourth, when Tennessee is back on top in a couple of years (and they will be) don't come to me saying you're now a Tennessee fan. I might throw up on you. Needless to say, I was a little irritated that people didn't appreciate my plethora of UT goodness. Brad got a couple eye rolls from people who honestly couldn't believe that he grew up in Georgia and didn't bleed bulldog red.

I'm a little bummed because we neglected to get a picture of us dressed up with dogzilla. Maybe next year, right? We took Killer to Brad's parents' house on Sunday night for a walk around their neighborhood. I really wanted to go knock on doors, say trick or treat, and train Killer to bark after I said that, but Brad was way too embarrassed to do such a thing and wouldn't be embarrassed by me doing it by myself. So, we ended up just going on a late night walk with a dog dressed like a dinosaur, admiring the costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and decorations.

On Saturday night, we went to a church party. After dinner there was an activity called Trunk-or-Treat where all the kids walk around to all the cars parked in the parking lot. It's like going Trick-or-Treating but to car trunks instead of doors. We had a lot of fun! We even decorated our trunk for the occasion.

There was a competition for best decorated trunks. We knew we wouldn't win, because there were some pretty dang good decorated trunks in that church parking lot, and we literally just grabbed some decorations from around the house before running out the door. Well, guess what?!!

We won all-around favorite car!! Hooray! We were literally shocked! We got an amazing smelling bar of soap and matching candle, some stellar chapstick, and a $20 gift card to Target. Awesome! Our decorating materials didn't even cost $20. Score!

We hope your Halloween was a fantastic kick start to the holiday season. It definitely was for us! Enjoy all that sugary goodness as long as you can, but if you run out feel free to stop by our house. There's a candy drawer awaiting you.

Love, Brad & Courtney


  1. I think I MAY have just snuck a piece or two of candy out of that drawer when you two were at work one day...This is my confession!

  2. Love your costumes! Gueax Tigers! ...and Vols!

    Moma Susie

  3. Your costumes were great and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Everyone has their favorite team. I love that there are sooo many to choose from and enjoy. :) You crack me up and I just love reading your blog.