Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Terrible Twos

We're pretty positive that 3 1/2 months in dog years equals the terrible twos in human years. Killer has become quite the hand full these days. As soon as the door opens out she goes. She thinks it's so fun to run away when you're trying to catch her, which means she constantly has to be put on a leash. She also has started peeing when she's excited. I've had my foot peed on at least twice, along with a leg, a hand, and various other body parts. This girl sure does love her daddy though. Tonight she really proved it by marking her territory while sitting on his back.

Her new favorite activities include pulling everything out of the trash can and this doosey: 
That's toilet paper in her mouth...yum.

She loves ripping things to pieces by thrashing them around until they disintegrate. She's become quite the little climber/jumper/monkey dog. We have mushrooms that grow around our complex where we take her out to go potty. She loves to do her business then run straight to a mushroom, grab in her mouth, and run away. We can usually catch her and pin her down long enough to pull it out. But one night she was more crazy than usual and Brad's certain that she was high on shrooms.

Despite her occasional awfulness, we do love this cute little thing.

love, Brad & Courtney

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