Wednesday, August 11, 2010

her name is KILLER afterall

  A big milestone for Killer happened today when she finally realized she could go up and down the stairs to and from our apartment. She practiced a lot at my grandparents' house this past weekend while we were visiting for a family reunion. She had several mishaps like falling down stairs and running full speed into them since she neglected to jump but she kept trying and she finally got it. The stairs at our house are a little scarier though. They're a bit steeper, and they're only platforms. We think she was nervous to go up them because she was so small that she couldn't see the next step only the ground between the steps, but she's grown quite a lot ... to the point of mastering the stairs.

So ... with all that being said, Killer doesn't wait for us to pick her up to go down the stairs outside to go potty anymore. She can now run down them full speed, do her business, and then find other mischief to get herself into before we even get to the bottom step. 

Tonight Killer finally lived up to her name. Our 12 week old puppy is a murderer! She ran down the stairs, found a big green bug, ran back up the stairs away from Brad (because she knew he would try to take it), and looked down at him while chomping away. NASTY! No kisses for her tonight.

I know, she looks so sweet and innocent and then ...

she attacks! (even poor innocent big green bugs)

Love, Brad Courtney & THE Killer

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