Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy (late) Birthday Brad!!

Brad's 25th birthday was 3 days ago! We had a ton of fun (minus tests and papers that had to be completed on that day, but what can you do). 

Brad was awaken to a wonderful breakfast in bed
(orange juice, banana, French toast, eggs, and a bran muffin)

Later that night, Brittney, Blake, Sara, Steve, and Emily came over for dinner (chili and cornbread). We played A LOT of Mario Kart and ate A LOT of food. Here's the birthday boy cutting his Funfetti cake:

He got some pretty awesome presents. This is loot from Blake:

And the hug from Steve:

And the e-somethings (a delicious Spanish dessert) from Brittney:

And a shoe horn from me:

Thanks to everyone who made Brad's birthday so fun for him! It wouldn't have been the same without you!!

I'm so grateful for Brad. He treats me like a queen even when I probably don't deserve it. He is patient, loving, and kind and supports me in whatever ridiculous dream I want to pursue. Tuesday night I was super stressed out for a midterm I had to take on Wednesday. Instead of going to his soccer game I stayed home and studied. He came back with 7-11 slurpees.
If it was me I would have been thinking about what wonderful things he had planned for my birthday the next day, but he selflessly thought about me and how worried I was about my test. I love you wonderful husband of mine! Happy (late) Birthday!!

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