Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Media Blog

Last semester my absolute favorite class was SFL 333: Adolescent Development with Dr. Sarah M. Coyne, who studies the media. This was also by far one of the hardest classes I've ever taken at BYU, but with lots of dedication and a never ending amount of time studying I came out with a 98% overall! So...this semester I decided to take Dr. Coyne's media class (which I'm so much looking forward to since that's what she researches; she's so passionate about it, which always makes a class more enjoyable). One of the assignments for this class is to keep a media blog. At least two times a week I'll be writing my thoughts and feelings about something in the media. I also have to comment on at least two other blogs. I've only written one post so far, but I've gotten some really good feedback from some of my class members (comments always make you feel good, especially if they agree with what you say). So, if any of you ever get bored and would like a good laugh or to know my very opinionated opinions check out!

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