Tuesday, January 26, 2010

finally using my Christmas present

With the help of Sara, Steve, and Brad I made my first skirt!! (yes, it took 4 of us to figure it out.) Sara is seamstress extraordinaire and helped the most, but it definitely wouldn't have gotten done without Steve and Brad. So, finally, one month later, I actually got to use my sewing machine that Brad got me for Christmas! I'm so excited to be learning such an invaluable skill like sewing (and especially using patterns), and I'm so grateful for my fabulous friends who are so willing to help me pursue my goals!


After the skirt-making extravaganza we celebrated its completedness by going to see Avatar.
We saw it in 3D which was definitely a new experience for all of us. I would recommend saving the extra 2 bucks and just seeing it the normal way. There were parts that were really cool in 3D, but it took a long time for our eyes to adjust and it wasn't what we expected it to be (we thought it would be like 3D movies at amusement parks when things jump out of the screen at you ... it wasn't like that). But overall, it was awesome! I would definitely go see it again. Just this past weekend it officially became the highest grossing movie EVER, surpassing Titanic's 9 year winning streak. And I'm proud to say that I contributed to that, even if it was only 22 dollars.


  1. I'm impressed. Maybe some day you can teach me to sew. I would love to have the skill, but have zero patience to learn. Maybe we can go into business together some day. You can do the sewing, and I'll take pretty photos of all your finished products! :)

  2. VERY cute skirt. I might have to request one! :D

  3. Wow what a great job...I love your skirt!