Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mount Timpanogos

Before Mount Timpanogos became covered in snow like it is now, Brad and his friend Devin hiked it.

It sounded like they had a blast, and luckily, they managed not to freeze to death. They left at 1:30 in the morning, so they would be at the top by sunrise.

Here are a couple more pictures from their hike...

Brad and I were hoping we'd be able to hike up Timp and camp sometime soon, but before we had the chance it snowed.

A couple days before Brad climbed this mountain we were at the grocery store. He went to the produce section and picked out some celery. We hardly ever buy celery, but he told me he wanted to make ants on a log. Ants on a log? I had no idea what this meant, but when we got home he showed me.

Since I'm allergic to nuts I didn't partake in this delicious snack, but Brad definitely enjoyed himself!

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