Sunday, October 18, 2009

a calling

Brad and I have been in our married student ward since the end of May (about 5 months). Only 2 weeks after we arrived Brad received the calling of Elder's Quorum Secretary (the exact same calling he's had since he got home from his mission - 3 years ago!). After 5 months I had yet to receive any calling at all. I thought I had somehow flown under the radar, and that was fine with me.

Well, my days of not having a calling are officially over. They caught me.

Today I was sustained as the 1st counselor in the stake primary presidency! I'm really excited even though I have no idea what the stake primary presidency even does, but it means I get to keep going to Sunday School with Brad and going to Relief Society. Today after stake conference we all met with the second counselor in the stake presidency and decided we were going to have a Halloween party for all the kids. Even though we only have 2 weeks to plan (and I have no idea what I'm doing), I know it'll work out and will be a blast!


  1. Courtney, it sounds like the perfect calling for you! I know you will do great! I know how you feel...I just got a new calling myself as the Stake YW President. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do either! I just know I'll be busy! We have an all day activity this coming Saturday, the Priest/Laurel Conference and dance. Hopefully, this calling will keep me young!

  2. Wow, that's a big calling! You and Susie both (I'm sure you heard she's the Stake YW's president)! You definitely belong in Primary with those kids. You'll be awesome!

  3. How wonderful, Courtney! All the Primary kids (and workers...and parents) will love you! Congratulations! And Congratulations to Brad too!
    Love you both...