Monday, September 7, 2009

last day of summer and school

On Friday, our last day of summer before school started on Monday, we decided to have some fun. So, that night we went black light mini-golfing. We were the only ones there, which was really nice and we had a blast!

Here's Brad inside a whale's mouth!

We tried desperately to get more pictures while we were inside, but our little camera just didn't know what to do with itself. So in all of our other pictures you can just see our shirts, which makes us look armless and headless.

 But once outside we did get a picture of the winner (and her second-place husband)! It was a really close game. Brad got ahead by one on the third or fourth hole, but I kept right up with him and tied us up again. Before we putted our balls down the last hole which would take them away we HAD to have a tie breaker. We ended up playing the three hardest holes again, but I came out victorious!

School started last Monday. We usually start after Labor Day, but I guess they figured another week off was too much. On Wednesday we were already burnt out and had really bad sweet tooths, so we went to Magelby's for dessert.

I had the Strawberry Shortcake and Brad had the four layer Chocolate Cake! Needless to say, we got to-go boxes and three days later we finally finished all our dessert. 

Here's what we'll be working with this semester (we're still missing three books, which should be arriving in the mail shortly).

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