Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Courtney!!

Twenty-one is a pretty big birthday. It means I'm legal in every sense of the way. One of my brothers texted me yesterday to wish me a happy birthday and to inform me that I could now buy beer ... completely legal.
Well, maybe not completely legal. My driver's license expired yesterday because the state of Tennessee requires that you get a new one once you turn 21. I couldn't renew it online because I have to change the last name on it and I'm way too proud to get a Utah license so I just won't be driving until December when I can go home and get a new one.

I had a wonderful birthday! I had class pretty much all day (that wasn't so wonderful) and it rained (that was wonderful because it wasn't blazing hot like usual). After class Brad and I walked home together and I got to open presents from him and David and Susie.
Here I am opening my first present from David and Susie.
 You don't fit in the Andersen family unless you have some kind of Polo something. Now I'm definitely an Andersen.

This is right after I ripped off the wrapping paper of my second David and Susie present. I'm a little obsessed with Vera Bradley. I didn't even know what was inside this box, but I knew I would LOVE it!

So, what was inside the Vera Bradley box? A new glasses case! A much needed new glasses case! Before: (the inside was coming off the outside hard part and the hinges were breaking making the case unable to open and close properly)


Brad got me a curling iron (I didn't have one and really wanted one) and a giftcard to get a pedicure!

Sara and Steve got me a rotary board and cool measuring thing (see picture below) that I haven't learned to use yet. Sara also gave me a "coupon" for lessons on how to make a t-shirt blanket, which is something I've been wanting to learn for a while (hence the rotary board and the cool measuring thing).

 Brittney got me white sunglasses to replace the ones I broke last time I was in Georgia and Big Cheez-its (another thing I'm kind of obsessed with).

And Blake got me my favorite candies!

Brittney also made me a delicious strawberry shortcake! (She made it at our house the night before and I seriously had no idea it was for me! She's sneaky!)

This is us after we got back from Cafe Rio for dinner!! YUM!!

My visiting teachers brought me chocolate covered strawberries, bless their souls. They didn't (and still don't) know I don't like chocolate. I'm so grateful for their kindness.

Brad thoroughly enjoyed that birthday present.

The Relief Society presidency surprised me with a sweet note, a Kit-Kat (Brad also really enjoyed that), and some cute stationary.

At the end of the day I got to just relax with my wonderful husband who made sure my birthday was absolutely fabulous!

Thanks to everyone who made my 21st birthday the best one yet!!

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  1. What a cute post. It felt as though I was there with you the whole day! That strawberry shortcake looks yummy! That's one of my favorites! And Cafe Rio? So jealous... I will definitely be eating there when we come out in a couple weeks for the wedding.

    Happy Birthday!