Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I love this girl

When we first moved to Georgia from Provo the first thing I wanted was a puppy. When we were in school we didn't have time for one, and our landlords didn't allow any pets. But I had always planned on getting one as soon as I possibly could. After tons and tons of research on tons and tons of different dog breeds, colors, hair types, temperaments, personalities, etc. we decided on this cute little puppy Brad found on Craigslist.
She was 5 weeks old and had been taken away from her momma too early. Her mom got really sick after the puppies were born, so they all had to be taken away so they wouldn't get sick too. Killer went to a pit bull who had just had a litter and was still nursing them. She was put in a kennel all day and didn't get any cuddles or loves. She had fleas all over her and her claws had been cut too short. And she had a ball of worms in her tummy. She wasn't even a pound soaking wet, and we immediately fell in love with her. I just had to scoop her up and take her home and show her how much she'd been missing with no one loving her.
We couldn't get enough of her. Her adorable floppy ears, her millions of wrinkles from skin that was too big for her little frame, her bright blue-green eyes, her little cries in the middle of the night when she'd up wake lonely, her sharp little baby teeth, her constant cuddling. She was so tiny we had to buy her a cat collar because even the smallest of the small dog collars slide completely off her.
This little puppy softened my heart to everything in the world. I noticed I was more kind and considerate to everyone. I was more understanding. I cried thinking about all the stray animals outside cold and lonely in the middle of the night. I couldn't stand hearing stories about animal abuse. I loved taking care of this little living thing. She needed me. I fed her and gave her water. I played with her and bought her treats at the grocery store. I was constantly reading about how to train her and what foods she couldn't eat. I took her to get shots and just like any other good momma I winced at her pain and sheer terror of being in a new place on a cold steel table.
But soon she grew up. Between her second and third vet visits, a matter of 3 weeks, she had doubled her weight. She'd gone from 4 pounds to 8 pounds. My little puppy was getting bigger, and stronger, and faster. She loved to run, and she was good at it. She could run circles around the other dogs she met, and she liked it that way. No one could ever catch. She was wild and free.
Sure she got into messes. And sure she drove me crazy sometimes. But I always loved her.
When we knew we were once again moving, and after we had decided we would buy a house the first thing I would always ask Brad about the newest Zillow listing he had found was, "Does it have a fenced in backyard?" I knew Killer would absolutely love to run wild in a backyard. She could chase squirrels and dig and play without having to be a leash. I wanted that her for. Because I want her to be happy.

We found her a backyard that's just perfect. It's got lots of trees, which are perfect homes for squirrels. It's got a garden made of cross ties, which is perfect for jumping on. And it's got lots of good digging spots. It also has a nice shaded porch for when the playing pup gets hot and tired and needs a break.

Brad has had the wonderful luxury of being able to work at home this past week. We've been blessed in that his job has allowed him to go completely virtual so we could move down here to Augusta. This morning while he was on a conference call Killer and I went outside so we wouldn't be in his way. She's gotten to the point where she'll go outside and play by herself, but she really loves it if someone comes out with her. After running around and jumping and chasing and barking she got tired and jumped up in the chair beside me, which is when I snapped this picture:
It was a beautiful morning and it hadn't gotten too hot yet. And just sitting on the porch in the backyard of our new house I got an overwhelming feeling and realization of how blessed we really are - in all aspects of our life. But since this post is about our sweet loving pup, I'll stick to her. For the past (almost) two years my life has been enriched by this little creature. I know that sounds so silly, but she has seriously changed my life. I learned so much about myself and I've developed a greater sense of charity all from being the proud momma of this little dog. Every day she makes me laugh, and I smile just thinking about her.

Killer's birthday is on Sunday, and we'll definitely be celebrating it. She'll be spoiled with treats and presents and a special doggie peanut butter and carrot cake...yum! I'm so thankful for my little 19 pound ball of constant energy. I sure do love her.


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