Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brad's [not so] fond memories of Easter

All of Brad's best memories always involve a camping trip. That's just what his family did. They loved (and still love) their camping.

One camping trip, however, scarred him for life. It started out as a loving mother trying to surprise and excite her 5 year old for Easter.
Susie and Grandpa Don

What kid wouldn't want to meet the Easter bunny, right? Unbeknownst to little Brad the Easter bunny was actually visiting their family's campsite that day. As he was picking boogers or eating dirt or whatever else little boys do, the Easter bunny came up to say hello. I'll let the next picture that Brad found yesterday on Yahoo explain how he felt about this Easter surprise.
He saw this yesterday and shivers went down his spine as he recalled the visit from the Easter bunny all those years ago that he now can only describe as a nightmare. He jumped a little at the sight of this bunny because "it look[ed] just like [his] mom!"
Poor little Brad was scared to death of his loving and well-meaning mother dressed in a bunny costume. The story goes that even after Susie ceased her unfamiliar bunny voice and told Brad who she really was he was still completely unconsolable. And to this day he still vividly remembers this traumatic experience.
But, in his defense, Susie did kind of look like the scary bunny from the Yahoo article.

Happy Easter one and all!


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