Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Brad!

I can't believe I've let a whole month go by without posting a single thing. We didn't fall off the earth, we've just been super busy with school, work, and church. So busy that we haven't taken hardly any pictures, and what's a good blog post without pictures right? My sweet sister-in-law has been doing a wonderful thing on her blog that I hope to keep up with next month - each day of the month you take a picture of something that happened that day and write about it. It's a great way to be able to remember the simple and small things that happen in life that you'd probably usually forget. But on to what this post is really about...

My wonderful, kind-hearted, loving, and handsome husband is turning 26 today. It's sometimes hard to believe that I met him when he was 22 and not a even a year off his mission. These past four years have definitely been the best of my life, and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
Here we are on our very first date. What can I say, the boy knows how to make an impression.

 Killer loves loves loves Brad. Whenever I say, "Killer, where's daddy?" She runs as fast as she can to find him, tackles him, and licks all over his face. Sometimes when I can't get her in from outside and the usual bribe for a treat doesn't work, all I have to do is mention "daddy" and she comes running. I take her with me most days when I go to pick Brad up from work, and as soon as she sees him she starts scratching the car window and whining for him. I'm sure she'd jump out and run to him if I rolled the window down far enough.

Happy birthday Brad! I hope year 26 is as fantastic as 25 was! I love you!

Also, happy birthday to Brad's oldest brother Neil, who's birthday was exactly one month ago. Sorry I never publicly said it Neil. I still love you though!
photo courtesy of Valeri Andersen Photography

Love, Courtney

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