Monday, October 18, 2010


When we first got Killer I swore I wasn't going to be one of those people who humiliates their dog by dressing them up in ridiculous outfits. Like this:

Well, it turns out I am one of those people. One afternoon I was looking on Amazon and decided to just browse the dog costumes. Bad idea. As I'm sure you know (or can tell from the current state of my blog) I LOVE Halloween. The reasons why could be their own blog post (which I will write at a later date). So after seeing so many adorable Halloween doggie costumes I just had to get one, which I justified by the fact that it was only $5 and Killer would only wear it a couple of times unlike the dogs pictured above who are probably tortured every day by this nonsense. This is the costume I bought for poor Killer:
Adorable right? I mean if it's cute on this dog, mine will definitely look good in it.
Well, dogzilla arrived in the mail a few days ago. Brad and I immediately opened it and proceeded to force our puppy to wear it while we took a video of just how much she hated it.

Killer probably isn't going to enjoy Halloween quite as much as her mommy does...

Love Brad, Courtney, & Dogzilla

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