Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Job Brad!!!

Congratulations Brad!!
Last Thursday Brad took the DAT. He's been studying and preparing for far longer than I could ever study or prepare for anything. After 5 long hours of testing all on one day he finally finished! He did so incredibly well!! And I am SO proud of him!
For 5 days before he took his test I surprised him every morning with cute little cards letting him know that I supported him.

Day 1 (orange): Blast off! You're gonna ROCK the DAT!
Day 2 (yellow): You're my Star, babe! Good luck on the DAT!
Day 3 (green): You're gonna BULLDOZE right over that DAT!
Day 4 (blue): I know you can, I know you can, I know you can smoke that DAT!
Day 5 (purple): You're so beary smart, I am so beary proud of you, and I love you beary much! Ace that DAT, hunny!
Day 6 (blue): Shred that DAT to pieces! GOOD LUCK!! I love you always! (He got this one the morning of the DAT.)

I think he liked his cards!

About a month before Brad took the DAT his good friend Spencer took the test (Spencer got married yesterday! Congrats Spencer and Kelsey!) Spencer also did well, but he told Brad that before the 15 minute break they get he had to pee so incredibly bad. It was awful. He was shaking and trying so hard to make it but just couldn't. So, he had to run to the bathroom in the middle of a section. The time doesn't stop either. Brad and I felt so bad for him, saying how awful that would be. Well, Brad goes in and pees before he even starts the test. He was determined not to re-live Spencer's awful experience. BUT ... it happened. Right before the 15 minute break it hit. He was shaking in his chair, wiggling around, and trying so hard to hold it. He couldn't. He also had to run out in the middle of a section to go to the bathroom and the time didn't stop. This little inconvenience didn't phase Brad at all. The section he had to pee during was his highest scoring section of the whole test!


  1. Congrats Brad.... If you were a superhero, you would be a mix between Flash Gordon (for his speed), Donatello (for his smarts and rockin hard body), Chuck Norris (for his fame,amazing acting and his kung fu ability) and Rambo (because 1 vs 2000 = rambo wins)

  2. Love the cards Courtney...what a good wife you are! Way to go Brad on the DAT!
    Love Mom